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Attention Austin Realtors! How to Run Internet Explorer on your MAC

Key Brennan

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Hello Austin Realtors® if your anything like myself and use advanced technology tools for the good of our clients well than I will assume that your aware that the world is changing and we have to be up to par.  Are you using Apple products? Can you access your MLS?

Well I have been researching ways to access our MLS exchange server on Mac OS X.   So far I tried ABOR’s ACTRIS CITRIX link and have had epic fail. When you open the link it should give you options to download and further a PDF explaining how to upload pictures through CITRIX. I do realize that there maybe other solutions.  I have to call Monday and get support. None the less this is still a work in progress.

Austin has over 8,000 real estate professionals and there are many of us that are tech savvy (Mary Beth Brennan) like myself.  A few possible solutions are as follows:

Please consider the following as an easy how-to install for Wine BottlerTo be continued as I will find out other solutions until the Austin MLS exchange becomes more agonostic.


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Mary Beth Brennan, “Keller Williams-Lake Travis”


Ask Me About “Customer Experience Management”…..

Don’t hire the guy that continues to say:


“Fake it till ya make it”!

I speak in present tense~Have you worked for a company you often wonder how they ever stay in business?

1. POOR USABILITY: Would you launch a business without being functional?

It is of my opinion you only get one chance to make an impression on your visitors. If they have a hard time navigating through the site they won’t return.

2. VISUALLY APPEALING:  Would you invest knowing the company has launched several times without success?

Why would anyone relaunch a site over and over again by making small changes? The proper webdesign and code is crucial to the customers experience.  If it looks dated the chances are slim that they will return.

3.  VALIDATION QUALITY CHECK: As a business owner would you want to know that your site won’t rank?

Seriously! Why heck would you not want your site to rank?  Using standards one has a much greater chance of having a page perform consistently across platforms and users. Don’t forget about the users, users come in all shapes and sizes.

4. ANALYTICS:  Would you trust someone that says they’re doing their research based on no data! Makes up data and puts it in an Excel Spreadsheet reflecting what you want it to say?

Please Please Please don’t associate me to this person!!  You can measure just about anything on a website and I believe that it is crucial to have a person specialized in this area.

So I think you get my point here.  Don’t just launch and secondly don’t hire someone that fakes it.

Customer experience is the collection of processes a company uses to oversee the interaction of the customer throughout the customer lifecycle. Optimizing the interactions from the customer’s perspective will foster customer loyalty. A company must manage customer experience by creating a strategy that encompasses all customer touch points across the organization.

Get Real About Your Marketing Efforts

Get Real about your marketing efforts.

TMZ has Subject Lines Down! Email Marketing Made Simple.

What is Email Marketing? This is the process of sending meaningful messages to your prospect or customers in a email.  It can be simple text or have HTML coding.

Subject Lines:

  • Compelling
  • Concise
  • Relevant
  • Benefit offered
  • From line needs to build trust
  • Purpose first
  • Personalize
  • 50 characters or less
  • Review newspaper headlines
  • Review some online headlines (TMZ has great headlines)

A/B Testing

  • Segmenting
  • Change Subject line
  • Change layout
  • Test

Target Audience: Review and utilize target audience demographics


Components of an effective email:

  • Relevance is to know “What to say”
  • Frequency is to know “When to say it”

To make sure your improving CTR you need to add this third component for a successful campaign.

  • Metrics is to know “How to Listen
  • Monitor un-scribers and spam folders

Create unique messaging:

Email Creative by Mary Beth Brennan

Sample Email Creative

  • Personal Interests
  • Psychographics
  • Demographics
  • Shopping habits
  • Communication Styles
  • Degree of Engagement
  • Season
  • Specials
  • Offers
  • Events
  • Competitive Initiatives

Timing and frequency

  • Relevance is to know “What to say”
  • Frequency is to know “When to say it”
  • Metrics will provide you with your Open Rate

Create your “Creative”

  • Opt-out button!
  • Show the company’s personality considering different persona types.


  • Have clear identifiers
  • Opt-out active and not hidden
  • Comply with the opt-out within 10 business days
  • Include physical address


The offer needs to be clear and that as long as we keep the layout simple and straight to the point the reader should gain more trust in future campaigns.  Our design has some flexibility keeping the video theme and company brand personality.  Including, but not limited to email length and the time of day the email segments are sent.

Our sample here has just opened the door for more measurable metrics.  Ideally we would like an open rate above 50%, a click-through rate of more than 15%, and a conversion rate of more than 5%.

Let me conclude that creating a plan will enable us as a company to identify our goals and achieve them a lot sooner than later.  The plan will teach us how to improve segments one at a time.  Strategizing by using third party accreditations and tools “Sender Score” to improve our reputation.

Lastly, giving us the freedom to change it up if necessary and use the metrics we know work and the ones that we don’t.


What’s in your Call 2 Action?


Click the link above for a tutorial….

Banner Ads have not died!

A vital marketing strategy are the “CALL TO ACTION’s”.  You want to represent your brand at the same time driving them to do something at the same time. Lincoln Town cars focus their brand on luxury so they make attractive luxury video banner ads that make you want to buy a Lincoln or like me test drive one and dream about it happening someday.

A busy ad can be ineffective. Keep it simple by making them clean and straight to the point.

Follow through with some  A/B testing with your banner ads to corresponding landing pages and tweak where necessary. I have attached some basic mock-ups of a banner ads.

Call Mary Beth for your banner!

Call Mary Beth for your banner!

Call Mary Beth for your banner!

Call Mary Beth for your banner!
Internet Marketing Specialist!

The future of the Mid-21st Century| Mobility

Are American marketing and advertising companies testing and using these new trends to explore mobile viability in marketing?

In my research it was not easy to find many United States companies testing and implementing future devices.  Not to say there isn’t any but for me it was hard to find them.  The obvious are Google and Apple testing and creating.  Mobile applications rules and regulations governed by the FCC need to heed more concern on safety and security on the general public.  The research is more focused on the healthcare sector.  Mobile applications divulging personal and private medical records and such are generating buzz.  What about the children, a woman living alone, a college student walking to dorm, or the man out on business trip leaving his home unoccupied?  I personal cannot answer this question fully but my personal opinion is there needs to be a USA testing facility that protects the people.  Applications are created by anyone.  Who has our data? Is there a registry? Is there a background test done?  Why can anyone have our information down to the concise location we are?

What positive changes do you foresee on the horizon for mobile advertising?

I see lots of potential in regards to technology simplifying our lives and making everything unique.  I like the fact that we could put our medical history in an application that would assist medical staff quickly on aiding the ailing.  I like an all-in-one device that allows us to complete tasks fast.  The ability to communicate with people is the biggest positive aspect of mobile advertising.  Reaching your targeted audience!

What negative changes do you foresee?

The only negative change I see is not change at ALL in the security issues.  I feel that geo-targeting isn’t a necessity to pin point someone’s exact location.  I feel that it is taking away our privacy.  If foreign countries are the one doing most of the testing and creating of our future technology then where does the government come in when it comes to Homeland Security?  The technology needs to be in the right hands otherwise our individual rights will be taken from us.  We will be a barcode rather than a human.

The Following are great sites to explore:




“Not having a mobile website is NOT an Option”

Septemember 19, 2011 by Mary Beth Brennan


“Not having a mobile website is NOT an options”, says a leader in mobile site creations.

Ways your company could and should capitalize on mobile advertising~

First as a business owner you should connect and engage your consumers.  Mobile advertising can increase brand identity.  Sell a lifestyle, not only a service and great products and you can go far.

In my previous blog post I spoke about how JcPenney takes the lead by getting the proper use of mobile advertising. I further wish to talk about the case study by urmobile.

Just some of the ways that JcPenney is leading the way in mobile marketing is by creating a talkable brand resulting in a trusted community. enables the phone to have a store locator feature which includes phone numbers and directions, ideal call to action buttons and landing pages, and one of my favorite the Opt-in Mobile Marketing feature allowing the sharing couponing.

JcPenney flexes their muscles again by introducing mobile commerce engaging the customers with and thru innovation strategies.  Stratigically making it easy for the consumer to navigate through the mobile site.  Not to mention that they make it a brisk for the use of gift cards.

Ad placement allows you to easily view deals for each store location including catalog.  Visability it even more unique with video display of the product so you can have the touch and feel aspect.

Last but not least the ability to manage your transactions with ease such as tracking your order and self help forums has really flexed its musceles well enough that the Associated Press is teaming up with GateHouse creating a new innovative way to produce the news thru mobile offerings such as iCircular.

The best way for a company to capitalize on the mobile marketing is get out the most marketing tools you can.


Summary Blog Regarding Mobile Couponing

By Mary Beth Brennan, Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recently, I have been researching and following the progress on mobile advertising.

I ask the question: Does “digital couponing” cause consumers to forsake brand name products over cheaper products or services? 

My goal as a marketer is to get as close to the point of purchase as possible and influence with intent.  In consumer package goods (CPG) companies the markets include consumers and customers (retailers).  In theory CPG marketing is understanding and influencing consumers and customers.

“The further you go upwards in the decision-making process, the more you focus on consideration and eventually awareness. A coupon can accomplish all of the above.”

 by Cory Treffiletti, Coupon Clippers Proven To Drive Incremental Sales

The answer to the question is yes.  Consumers will abandon brand name for the sake of saving money, especially in this recession. Studies show that as much as 59% of consumers will abandon name brands for generic brands based on price. Another great reference to this theory is the article “Has Brand Loyalty Really Been Abandoned?” by Marsha Dean Walker

Furthermore, the coupon industry has grown because of the avenues one can access coupons so the redemption rates increase and save on waste.  This can validate brand loyalty; if one can get the brand name item for the same price or less than the generic product the more likely the consumer will choose the loyalty of the brand name.  My personal favorite is “Living Social” for great coupons. This digital couponing is a great way to generate incremental sales.

When I go grocery shopping there is always like buy the generic one and get the name brand free.  I believe that this is a clever way of showing you that there isn’t much difference but price.  Name brands have to discount on a regular basis stagger the competitive edge.

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